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School Procedures


At Wasatch, we want all children to be successful in their educational experience, unhampered by extensive absenteeism or tardies. Utah compulsory attendance laws require every school age child to be in school. Baby-sitting, helping with housework, running errands, lack of transportation, alarm clock problems, or visiting relative are not acceptable excuses. Appointments with doctors should, whenever possible, be arranged after school hours. 

The Wasatch school day begins at 8:45AM. Students arriving late must check in at the main office. When a child is absent, the parent or guardian is required to send a written explanation. If the child misses three or more consecutive days the illness must be verified, in writing, by the child's physician. If your child must be out of school please notify the school by 9:00AM. If your child comes home unannounced, please contact the school immediately. State attendance laws and District policies are strictly adhered to at Wasatch Elementary. Chronic unexcused absenteeism and tardies will be referred to the Division of Family Services and/or the State Court



The education code of the State of Utah requires students to attend school under section 53-24-1 Compulsory Attendance. Attendance is recorded at 8:50AM. When students arrive late or leave early, partial day hours are recorded. 

Attendance follow-up protocol: 

•    5 absences: 1st letter sent (7 absences after Christmas) 

•    10 absences: 2nd letter sent, student meets with counselor or

•    12 absences: 3rd letter, meeting with principal, parent, and counselor 

•    15 absences: District pre-court hearing

•    16 absences: Referral to Division of Family Services 

•    17 absences: Court referral


Before  &  After  School 

Parents are encouraged to keep children at home until 8:15AM. There will be supervision in the cafeteria during the breakfast program. The main foyer and auditorium will be open during bad weather from 8:15-8:45AM. Children should leave the school grounds within 15 minutes following school dismissal, unless parents have made special arrangements with the office as there is no other supervision provided. The little playground is reserved for the Extended Day Program.


Behavior Expectations 

•    Follow adult directions the first time without complaining. 

•    Keep hands, feet and voice to oneself (physical and verbal aggression will not be tolerated). 

•    Walk and talk quietly through the school building. 

•    Use all school materials and equipment properly. 

•    Keep building and grounds clean. 

•    Walk and play in designated areas. 

•    Be ready to learn by being prepared and on time.



Wasatch students may purchase breakfast for $1.00 in the cafeteria from 8:15-8:45AM. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches also qualify free breakfast.  Adult breakfast is $2.75.


Excusing  Children  from  School  

For individual safety, no child will be allowed to leave the school grounds during the school day unless we have direct contact with the parent or guardian and an adult signs the check-out list at the office. We are asking that you not have your child excused from school except for emergencies.



Parents will be contacted if a child shows any symptoms of illness and will need to be picked up. If your child is ill, please don't send him/her to school or ask that s/he stay in at recess. We are not permitted to keep any child in school who has a rash, open sore, or inflamed eyes unless we have verification that the child is being treated by a doctor or has permission from the doctor to return to school.


Lost and Found 

Lost and Found is the area on the main floor hallway around the corner from the cafeteria. Small items are kept at the office. Unclaimed items are given to the homeless shelter prior to winter break and at the end of the school year.



Students may bring a cold lunch or purchase a lunch daily, weekly, or monthly from the cafeteria for $2.00 a day. Students can also buy milk for $.50. If you qualify for free or reduced lunches, you will need to fill out the appropriate form with the cafeteria manager. Adult lunches are $3.75.


Personal  Items  

Children should not bring candy, gum, toys or play equipment to school, unless authorized by a teacher. Athletic equipment, i-Pods, phones, cosmetics, candy, toys, and excess amounts of money should not be brought to school. Matches, lighters, and knives or toy weapons of any kind should never be brought to school.



It is the policy of Wasatch School and Salt Lake School Board that any medication administered to students follow the guidelines below: 

•    The secretary will administer all student medications. Teachers should never keep medicine in the classroom or             give students medication. Please do not ask them.  

•    Student's parent must provide the school with a current signed request that medication be administered to the          student during regular school hours along with a signed statement from the physician indicating: 

o  child's name 

o  name of the medication 

o  purpose of the medication 

o  dosage including time schedule 

o  possible side effects  

•    The practitioner's statement must also include that it is medically necessary that this be given during school                 hours. (Forms are available in the office). 

•    Only oral and inhalant medications may be administered by the designated school staff person (secretary). 

•    A medication record will be kept by the secretary. 

•    Medication must be stored in a locked cabinet provided for storage of medicine. 

•    Medication must be delivered to the school by the student's parent or by a responsible adult in a container                   properly labeled by a pharmacy with student's name, phone number of pharmacy, name of medication, dose and         frequency of administration. 

•    All over-the-counter medications will require a prescribing practitioner's statement. (Over the counter                          medication is anything that does not require a prescription such as Tylenol, etc.) 

•    School personnel who administer medication in compliance with this Board policy are not liable civilly or                      criminally, for any adverse reaction suffered by the student as a result of taking the medication nor discontinuing        administration of the medication.


Telephone  Policy 

It is helpful for parents and children to set up after-school arrangements before school so that students know: 

•    who is picking them up 

•    where they should wait 

•    if a friend has permission to come over 

•    if they should walk home 


Title IX

Click here to view the Attorney General’s Power Point regarding a school district’s responsibilities when responding to sexual harassment.

Title IX 


Visiting  the  School 

All visitors are required to check in at the office. Volunteers should pick up a volunteer badge. Parents or guardians are welcome to visit their child's classroom at any time after checking in. It is important we know who is in the building. If you desire more than just to visit, such as a conference with your child's teacher, an appointment is necessary. 

Cindy Mills

Cindy Mills

Admin Secretary - Elementary