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What is a Town Meeting?

A Town Meeting is a class performance using drama, dance and music to teach a lesson, share a story or show what we have learned in class. Each class performs once a year. Some people might just call it an old-fashioned assembly. But it's more... SO much more. Town Meetings are a coming together of our school community to celebrate what we've learned and what we know about the arts. Each classroom shares, through performance, their infusion of the arts in relation to our arts focus for the year. Our parent and community donations make this all possible! 

Parents, grandparents, family, neighbors, and community members are invited to each performance.

What is the Arts Showcase?

Each May, our school hosts an evening to showcase student art produced throughout the year. This event draws students, families, neighbors and community members. Not only is student art on display, but there is a silent auction for works of art created by each class and a community art sale. This event not only celebrates student art, it also is a means of raising funds to support our unique art program. This year, our Arts Showcase will be on Friday, May 15 from 5:30 – 8:00pm.

What is Playworks?


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