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Battle of the Books 2023-2024

Read along with Mrs. Tanner! Mrs. Tanner has read or listened to books with a checkmark. Will she read all 20?

colorful images of book covers, text reads: Salt Lake City School District 2023-2023 Battle of the Books

All Wasatch students and families are invited to read these wonderful books.

Salt Lake City School District students in 4th-6th grade are invited to participate in our 2023-2024 Salt Lake City School District Battle of the Books. 4th-6th grade Wasatch students who read 5 or more books will "battle" with other students during a special lunch in the spring. Students will answer trivia questions to determine the top 4 who will move on to the district battle. The top 4 will join Mrs. Tanner at afterschool to battle against other schools in the district.

All battle books are available in our library and on SORA! Many are also available from the Salt Lake City Public Library. Contact Mrs. Tanner if you need help getting a City Library card!

More details will be shared as the schoolyear progresses. For now, enjoy these GREAT books!


Download the Battle of the Books list HERE. 


Good luck readers!

The goal of the Library Learning Center is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.  A strong Library Learning Center program, administered by a certified Library Technology Teacher, positively impacts student achievement. The Library Technology Teacher is a certified teacher, instructional partner, information specialist and program coordinator.

  • As a certified teacher, the Library Technology Teacher collaborates with members of the learning community to analyze learning and information needs, to locate and use resources that will meet those needs, and to understand and communicate the information the resources provide.
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Qualifications: Utah Teaching Certificate and either a MLS degree (or equivalent degree) or the Library Media Endorsement.

With this new year comes new login information an a few new processes. To help make things a little smoother, here are few videos to help you log on and create a parent portal account. This account will be helpful and necessary this year as your students learn from home. From the Parent Portal you will be able to reset your child’s password. Before you get started, search through your email for the phrase “Access ID” or “Student PIN” and save this information as it will come in handy later.

Parent Portal: Creating an Account

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Beth Tanner

Beth Tanner

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