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Volunteer Opportunities

Why volunteer?

You become a critical link in the learning process. You can enrich the lives of students who are performing above grade level by introducing activities that stimulate and challenge. Also, providing remedial, one-on-one attention to a struggling student allows that child to increase in their skills and self-esteem. You have the opportunity to build special relationships in the lives of those you work with.

How can I contribute?

Classroom Help

Your child's teacher will let you know what is needed in their particular class (e.g. room representative, field trip chaperone, classroom assistance, etc.) Please communicate your availability directly to him or her.

Classroom Assistant

Working one-on-one or in a small group, under the direction of a classroom teacher, you can serve as a role model helping a child to increase their academic performance, confidence and self-esteem. You give extra attention and help to provide skill reinforcement.

Room Coordinator

You have the opportunity of working directly with the teacher in coordinating many activities for the class. These might include arranging drivers for field trips, organizing treats for parties, scheduling conference times, or organizing other volunteers to help.

How do I get started?

Call us now or send off an email to the PTA president!

Why does the PTA count volunteer hours?

Outside each classroom, by the office and in the library, you will find forms to keep track of your hours. Please use them.


PTA Credibility: When a volunteer organization can document the number of hours its members are actually putting forth, it shows that the members are active in carrying out the mission and objects it was organized to do.

Maintain our Tax Exempt Status: In order to maintain our tax exempt status, we must be able to prove that we are indeed a volunteer organization worthy of that status. Documenting the number of hours is one of those ways.

Grant Applications: When school districts or PTA organizations are applying for grant money, it is very effective to show the degree of parent involvement.

Legislature: In our lobbying efforts at the legislature, it is most effective if Utah PTA is able to educate the legislators as to the degree of parent involvement in our organizations by documenting the number of volunteer hours spent.

School Administrators: Superintendents and principals appreciate knowing how much actual volunteer time is spent by parents in their schools and districts.

Business Partners: As schools and businesses seek to become partners to enhance the education of children, it is most informative to be able to document actual hours of volunteer time spent by parents, students and those participating in the business.

Recognition: We want to recognize those that spend their time and energy in behalf of PTA. Being able to document specific volunteer hours is meaningful individually, by school, by council, by region, and by state.