English Language Learners (ELL)


The mission of the Salt Lake City School District is to advocate for all students, provide the highest quality education and prepare students for a future of opportunities. The district places a major focus on intellectual development and academic opportunities for all students. It is the belief of the SLCSD that such educational opportunities will foster a spirit of inquiry and enterprise that motivates continuing intellectual growth based on a love for learning. In a quest to achieve these outcomes, SLCSD has designed and implemented an Extended Learning Program (ELP) to meet the cognitive and affective needs of gifted students. This educational program challenges high ability students at their level of individual academic capacities so that they are involved in a successful educational experience. Through the ELP, differing service patterns provide a beneficial learning environment and curriculum designed to meet the needs of gifted students.



The Extended Learning Program is designed to serve gifted and high ability students in two service models in elementary and middle schools:
(1) Neighborhood ELP (grades 4-8, includes grade 3 in K-5 schools), and
(2) Magnet self-contained ELP (grades K-8).

In addition to elementary and middle school ELP services, high schools offer a variety of classes and programs for advanced students in grades 9-12. Two of these high school programs are:
(1) Advanced Placement, and
(2) International Baccalaureate Program.

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