School Community Council (SCC)

School Community Council

School Community Councils (SCCs) improve educational programs and conditions at public schools. Councils operate using the shared governance approach: collaborative, site-based decision making to meet individual school improvement goals. Every public school in Utah has a community council consisting of two elected groups: parents (that’s you!) and teachers/administrators.

The Wasatch SCC has responsibilities defined both by the Salt Lake City School District and the Utah Legislature.  Two of our biggest responsibilities are assisting in the development of School Improvement Plans (SIPs) and LAND Trust Plans.  SCCs also work on issues brought forth by parents, staff, and faculty (local examples are South Temple Safety and emergency preparedness).

How can I get involved with my Wasatch SCC?

  • Attend meetings! – monthly at Wasatch
  • Read the minutes! – e-mailed to the Wasatch Parent Group / available on-line
  • Become an elected member! – parents represent their neighborhood communities and serve a 2-year term

School Community Council Meetings

We invite you to attend the Wasatch Elementary SCC meetings to learn about our greatest academic needs, our School Improvement Plan, and help in the decision-making process for using LAND Trust funds. At Wasatch we also regularly discuss school safety, budgets, share District news, and talk about other important issues affecting our school. You have a voice! Together we can make a positive difference in the education of our children!

Meetings for the 2016-2017 school year will normally be on the third Thursday of the month. See actually meeting dates below.



Position Name Email Phone Number
Chairperson Tracie Sexton 801-558-8251
Vice Chair Steven Fuhrman 510-708-4302
Secretary Anna Cekola 801-550-9383
SIC Representative Nicole Parker 801-578-8564
SLCSD Support Joann Price  
SLTA President Susan McFarland  
Principal Deborah Candler 801-578-8564
PTA President Julie Livers 801-450-6606
Faculty Representatives    
Principal Deborah Candler 801-578-8564
SIC Chair Nicole Parker 801-578-8564
K-2nd Molly Hames 801-578-8564
3rd/4th Caryn Willardsen 801-578-8564
Members of the Parent Community    
2-Year Term, Elected 2015-2016    
  Erika Becerra 801-706-2907

Anna Cekola 801-550-9383

Steven Fuhrman



Tracie Sexton 801-558-8251

Stephanie Quintero


2-Year Term, Elected 2016-2017      
  Jennifer Hughes 801-859-5607
  Jim Levy 916-826-1825
  Lynn Rosen 801-484-4054
  Heather Cameron-Bevan 801-949-6077
  Julia Lyon 801-897-8834
14 member council (4 Faculty/ 10 parents)
Quorum to pass motions is 8 individuals

School Community Council Members


Learn more about shared governance and the role of councils here:

2016-2017 Wasatch SCC Rules of Order and Procedure

Shared Governance Guide

SCC Actions and Activities

Digital Citizenship 2016-2017

District Filter 2016-2017

School LAND Trust Fund Report

This school year, Wasatch will receive $30,268  in Learning and Nurturing Development (LAND) Trust funds.  In addition, we had a carryover from the previous year of $16,733.  This amount was much larger than anticipated and we immediately purchased 20 laptops, the remaining carryover will be used to purchase a new math program for the 2017-2018 school year.  LAND Trust funds will continue to support our Technology program, which includes the salary of our Technology Specialist as well as the purchase of added equipment as the needs arise. Additionally, our LAND Trust funds will be utilized to pay half of the salary for a kindergarten aide.  Our kindergarten aides support all three of our kindergarten classrooms, providing needed support for both Tier 1 and Tier 2 instruction.  Funds will also be used to provide ongoing professional development for every teacher to assist them with reaching our School Improvement Goal to increase student proficiency rates in Language Arts.  We have created a new committee, made up of grade-level teachers and other support staff, who will review data to plan these P.D. opportunities.  Lastly, funds will also be utilized to continue to support science education for all students.  To accomplish this, teachers will have on-site professional development focused on the Next Generation Science Standards as well as the purchase of needed materials and equipment to assist teachers  with teaching our new science standards. 

School Community Council Meetings 2017 - 2018

We do not have any scheduled meetings for this year yet. Please check back soon.

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